How to Stay Sober with Hobbies

Staying sober is not an easy job – it takes hard work and determination. And, most importantly, you have to keep yourself busy…

It is much easier to find yourself tempted and weak when you are alone or when you are bored. So, when it comes to addiction recovery, one great way to help yourself stay on track is by finding a hobby.

Finding a hobby is a great way to pick back up where you left off with something you love or a great way to find something new to enjoy in life.

Benefits of Having a Hobby

They say there is only thing you have to change when you become sober. That one thing: everything.

The main benefit to having a hobby is the avoiding boredom. People who are recovering from addiction often find themselves bored because they do not know what it is to live a “normal life” anymore. They might find several timeĀ gaps where they would normally be participating in drugs or alcohol, and during this time, they might find themselves easily tempted.

Seeking pleasurable activities helps your brain retrain itself to find joy in something other than drugs and alcohol. It provides a sense of contentment and something you can put the majority of your time and effort into.

In addition, a hobby can also help introduce you to a new and healthier group of friends. These friends can help encourage and support you and also introduce you to other new, healthy activities.

Hobbies to Try

Of course, you want to pick something you think you will enjoy because this is meant to be a positive experience. It shouldn’t be something you dread.

A few healthy hobbies to try during addiction recovery include:

  1. Exercise

    Yes, exercise can be a hobby. Hundreds of people enjoy running – just for fun. And, it benefits you in more ways than one: physically and mentally.

    However, exercise can be a lot more complex than just running. If that doesn’t interest you try playing tennis, joining a yoga class, cycling, or kayaking. Oftentimes, these exercises can be done or are done in groups.

  2. Volunteering

    Volunteering is a great way to improve yourself overall. It keeps you busy, allows you to give back to your community and help others, and it looks good on a job resume. Find a local nonprofit that is centered around something you feel passionate about.

  3. Crafting

    Crafting can encompass everything from drawing to sewing. It is a great way to learn a new skill and even make gifts for people or practical items for yourself.

Find what it is that you enjoy and go for it!

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