Addicts know within them that they are addicted, but you would barely find any of them owning up to their addiction. Rather, they would prefer to struggle within them to see if they can do away with it.

Most of the times, they end up succeeding only in the short term. Within few days, they are back to their addiction because they find it uneasy to keep up with the withdrawal symptoms.

People who are addicted see their addiction as a top priority. So, they would prefer to put other tasks before it. Their addiction comes first because it is what gives them utmost satisfaction.

Hence, some tasks that an addict would typically handle, would be abandoned. They would miss work without any reasonable excuse.

Also, they would not have the sufficient energy and mental strength to perform their normal duties. This would result in a decline in productivity.

Someone who is addicted would also have mood swings. They could be happy this moment and be sad the next.

So, you need to watch out for this. If this occurs more than usual, then there is a good chance that the person is struggling with any form of addiction.

An individual who is addicted would not accept that they are addicted. They are not comfortable with people knowing so they would hide this reality.

In addition to this, addicted individuals find it hard to keep good relationships. If they have a romantic partner, they would have frequent conflicts.

Also, communication would be on a low ebb because the addicted individual would spend more time fueling his or her own addiction rather than being with their partner.

That’s not all; they will also keep secrets from them. This is one of the major reasons why addicted individuals find it hard to keep relationships.

As a matter of fact, relationship with friends and family would also be strained.

If you have noticed any of the above-mentioned signs in a person, it is advisable to encourage them with love and not criticize them. This would motivate them to seek addiction recovery.

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